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Penta Health and Wellbeing Ltd,
Money raised through the Health Lottery
The Health Lottery scheme manages 51 Society Lotteries that operate in rotation and each represents a different geographical region of Great Britain.

Projects funded using money raised by healthPerfect

Total amount distributed to charities to date is: £1,588,684

Active Communities is a funding programme which invests in local people and groups in communities with great ideas to make their communities even better.

Organisation nameTown/CityAmountPurpose
All Nations Ministries £7,604


This new one-year project aims to promote community cohesion and improve social integration between isolated local people and marginalised residents from Black minority ethnic backgrounds, and refugees and asylum seekers. The intention of the programme is to enable the participants to overcome isolation and feelings of marginalisation and loneliness and, at the same time, to promote their culture to the wider public in order to reduce hate crime. It will achieve this through the residents working together to plan a programme of cultural events, a music concert and an international healthy food festival.
Friends and Families of Special Children Ltd £24,751 Plymouth This existing two-year project aims to provide monthly social activities in term-time, weekly activities in school holidays, and an annual weekend residential for young and sibling carers aged between 5-12 living across Plymouth. A Project Coordinator will coordinate the first three months of activities, with the remainder of the project planned by an established young and sibling carers steering group. The project will address a gap in services for this group and aims to reduce the social isolation of the young people.
Students and Refugees Together (START) £23,612


This two-year project looks to give refugees in Plymouth it currently supports more control and influence over its existing activities. The activities are designed to support refugees to feel more connected and reduce the isolation they experience. A steering committee of refugee participants will collectively shape the programme of existing activities which include an allotment, a women’s creative group and cultural kitchen, and will have greater representation and say in the organisation’s structure.
Wheelfever Projects Community Interest Company £22,083 Plymouth This two year project will develop an existing service, providing weekly dance sessions for young people with disabilities, and their siblings and friends in Plymouth. The development will ensure participants can enjoy the health and social benefits of belonging to a dance group, build their confidence as they demonstrate their abilities through their performances and be part of a group which is inclusive of young people with and without disabilities. Young people are able to shape and develop the project through participating in a youth steering group.
Working Well With Autism Ltd £37,732 Plymouth This new two-year project has been developed by and for adults with autism living in Plymouth. Their priority was to have somewhere where they could meet in a safe and autism-friendly place for social and educational activities. The new meeting place will host activities which will increase their confidence and self-esteem and build trust. Regular social contact will reduce anxiety and build supportive relationships. The hub will be developed by a steering group of people with autism and draw on input from a wider reference group.
Plymouth Handball Club Plymouth £10,010 This existing two-year project aims to maintain weekly handball sessions and develop the club and its members. Activities will include supporting coaching and referee qualifications, developing youth sessions, purchasing equipment and investing in marketing.  The aim is for some members to become qualified so they can deliver coaching, refereeing, first aid, safeguarding as well as provide youth sessions and competitive games. There will be regular member meetings to discuss feedback and improvements and local members can nominate themselves and be voted on to the committee. Participants will form stronger links locally by participating in sessions.
Plymouth Hope Plymouth £46,649 This new two-year project aims to deliver a sport and educational programme aimed at improving social connections and regaining confidence. This is a user led project targeted at refugees and young unaccompanied asylum seekers living in Plymouth and includes indoor and outdoor football sessions, volleyball and English language sessions. Participants will benefit from the opportunity to meet others in similar circumstances and strengthen their social links and ties. Participants will remain in control of activities through a steering group.
Cornwall Down's Syndrome Support Group Cornwall £30,879 This new two-year project aims to deliver four learning support groups across Cornwall for parents of children with Down’s Syndrome and other chromosome conditions, to enable them to form friendships and share ideas and resources.
Devon & Cornwall
Refuge Support (DCRS)
Plymouth £39,996 This new two-year project aims to provide access to community-based activities for asylum seekers who live in Plymouth for more than a year. A Steering Committee led by participants will decide on activities. Advice and support will also be provided by a qualified caseworker.
Millfields Inspired Plymouth £40,576 This new two-year project aims to develop four allotment sites in the Stonehouse area of Plymouth. Residents will develop the sites during weekly sessions, and each of the four groups will then come together for a monthly meet up where residents will cook and eat together using a mobile kitchen. There will also be additional activities at these monthly meet ups to further their horticultural skills at the residents request, such as fruit pruning, potting, or flower arranging. 
Plymouth and Devon Racial Equality Council Plymouth £33,698 This two-year project is the continuation of a pilot which has been delivering peer mentoring groups for black and minority ethnic (BAME) women and men living in Plymouth to improve their mental health and wellbeing, improve resilience and combat isolation. 
Plymouth Area Disability
Action Network (PADAN)
Plymouth £24,084 This new two-year project aims to deliver monthly opportunities for 50 disabled adults across Plymouth to meet socially, gain peer support, confidence and information. Sessions will include lunch and activities chosen by participants, which may include training to read building plans, arts/crafts, information on disability benefits, community and healthcare information sessions and sport. There will be internet access available to enable those not online to research issues and access support. The project will also develop a presence of social media, to improve communication with the wider Plymouth disabled community.
Stonehouse Action Plymouth  £23,767 This new two-year project aims to develop a once derelict shop space that has been renovated by Stonehouse Action into a community hub on Union Street. The building - called Union Corner - will provide a space in which local residents can: run activities that local people are interested in (i.e. craft); take part in workshops to help plan the annual street party event; and run pop-up shops testing out business ideas. The project will be run by the Committee of Stonehouse Action and local volunteers – all of whom are local residents. It will only bring in paid staff to run workshops that require specialist skills.
Tamar View Community
Complex Ltd
Plymouth £35,793 This two-year project will continue to provide sports and leisure opportunities for young people from the Barne Barton area of Plymouth. The project is open to all young people aged 5-21 years old. Activities will include; football, street dance, kickboxing and drop-in social sessions. 
The Dracaena Centre Falmouth £38,955 This two-year project is the development of a pilot and aims to deliver a range of activities, structured around weekly lunch sessions for people over the age of 50 experiencing social isolation. The project is based on a social housing estate in Falmouth, a coastal town in Cornwall.
Women Sharing St Austell £10,000 This two-year project will continue and develop this established self-help group for women experiencing poor mental health in St Austell. In addition to enabling the group to continue their group meetings, members will develop self-help packs and strengthen their links with other organisations in the local area. A group facilitator will manage the complex needs of individuals and the group to ensure a safe and caring environment, supporting a diverse group of women who may be experiencing isolation, disability or accessibility issues. The aim is to increase well-being and establish working partnerships with other local organisations.
Active8 Cornwall £32,625 This two year project is an extension of an existing pilot scheme. It is focused on people with a physical disability who live across Cornwall and who are aged 17-30. It provides activities to support the young people in becoming more independent and active in their community.
Swamp Circus Trust Limited Penryn £25,000 This new two year project aims to deliver a weekly activity club with guided workshops for young people in Penryn, a small town based on the Fal estuary in Cornwall. Activities include general games and specialist sessions such as Capoiera, street acro and circus skills. The project has been prompted by the closure of a local youth club, with now only Guides and Sea Scouts available to young people.
Penwith Community Radio St Just £15,635 This new two year project will deliver a series of training sessions and radio programming sessions to residents of a deprived area of St Just, a small isolated community in Cornwall. Participants will gain skills in editing, interviewing, presenting and researching and take on the role of local volunteer reporters.
Gwealan Tops Redruth £25,963 This two year project will build on existing activity and support a steering group of children, young people and their families to develop a programme of monthly and weekly play activities at an adventure playground in Redruth, Cornwall. The project aims to create opportunities for local children to learn new skills and experience active fun and will address the issues of poor physical environment, general community and neighbourhood work and social or emotional isolation
Krafty Kids Camborne £13,402 This two year projects builds on existing work. The group will run a weekly after-school art session which will be open to local junior school children and their parents from Camborne, a small rural town in west Cornwall. It is particularly targeting those with low self-esteem and those less academically able. The sessions will be led by an art tutor who will teach the young people the rudiments of art and crafts. The intention is that the sessions will assist in the practical development of the children in a family setting. 
St Budeaux Community Association St Budeaux £26,322 This new two year project has been prompted by perceived inadequate social provision for elderly and vulnerable people in St Budeaux, a suburb of Plymouth. It will provide a club for elderly people to meet each week with the aim of improving their overall health and wellbeing with members deciding what activities they wish to put on. Transportation to the community centre where the club will meet will be provided by Access Plymouth, a local bus charity which runs a ‘Dial-a-Ride’ scheme. 
Whole Again
Communities CIC
Penzance £41,700 This two year project builds on a pilot scheme. The group will run a programme of low cost, practical cooking workshops and weekly open house soup kitchens to enable people from Treneere to make soup for themselves, their families and their community. Beneficiaries will be people from the Treneere Estate in Penzance and their families. 
Carefree Fostering
North Cornwall £49,583 This new two-year project has been developed by a small group of young people from Carefree Fostering Independence Cornwall who are in and leaving care in Cornwall. It involves the setting up of a series of single gender evening groups, day sports and personal development activities along with two residentials a year. Activities will promote positive relationships and peer support and physical, mental, sexual and emotional health. The sessions will be led by young people and qualified youth workers. 
Communities 4 Kids Community Interest Company Liskeard £24,388 This is a new two year project based on an established approach. A Community Champion will be employed to recruit volunteers and support them to run weekly groups and community celebration events on the Castle Park Estate in Liskeard, Cornwall. 
Lanivet & District Under Fives Lanivet £11,030 This new two year project will introduce a ‘forest school’ into the weekly activities of an under-fives pre-school in Lanivet - a small rural village in central Cornwall. Through the project the participating children will learn about trees and plants, collect leaves and get muddy. Staff will be trained to implement the forest school and one staff member will become a qualified Forest School practitioner. The project is in response to a request from the children who have expressed an interest in working and playing outdoors and the scheme will be led by them. The purpose of the project to create a feeling of ownership and pride within the pre-school, improve community spirit and bring local people together.
Penta Health
and Wellbeing Ltd
Kerrier £20,871 This two year project brings together three successful pilot schemes which Penta Health and Wellbeing have run over the last three years: cycling, walking and gentle exercise. The programme is for adults who have poor mental health and wellbeing. It offers a weekly gentle exercise session, fortnightly walk groups and a monthly cycle ride. 
Plymouth Sports
Academy Limited
Devonport £18,525 This is a new project of 18 months duration which will deliver weekly sports and training sessions to disadvantaged adults living in the highly deprived area of Devonport, a dockland district of Plymouth. 
R J Working CIC Redruth £43,470 This two year project builds on the group’s existing work of building and strengthening relationships in the Redruth community. Redruth is a small town in west Cornwall. It aims to get people in Redruth talking with each other about conflicts and tensions and support them to develop and strengthen their skills for communication and problem-solving. The project will initially engage with local people through different ways, such as knocking on doors and promoting conversations in places such as the local health centre. There will be fortnightly group meetings around a shared meal, and 12 days of social activities or events
Roaming CIC Penzance £30,656 This two year project builds on existing activity. It will continue to provide weekly creative activities at the Breadline Centre in Penzance those who are homeless or who are seeking assistance from a homeless drop-in centre. Members decide on what art processes, cooking, writing and meals they want to share together, and local people whom the group are curious about will be invited to talk to the group. There will also be excursions to local exhibitions, allotments and the beach.
Sundance St Just and Pendeen £8,287 This new nineteen month project aims to deliver a programme of creative workshops that will result in a short dance film celebrating the creativity of existing dance group members from St. Just and Pendeen, two isolated and rural areas of West Cornwall. The project will continue to deliver the existing twice weekly dance classes for older people aged between 50 and 70, as well as an additional 10 monthly creative workshops in order to develop the film. 
TR14ers Camborne £22,908 This existing two year project will continue to deliver the group’s weekly free dance workshop for young people on Friday nights, as well as a new crèche for young girls with babies in Camborne (which is small town in West Cornwall).  The applicant has found that young people with babies are often excluded from activities in the local community either because of prejudices or lack of childcare facilities. 
Transformation CPR Camborne £31,850 This new one year project aims to deliver weekly activities for people living in Camborne, as well as upgrading an existing education and training room into an IT suite. There will be three weekly groups: a book club, an Easy IT programme (basic IT skills suited to individual needs), and Camborne Community Hub (a drop in support and signposting service). The project has come about as a result of needs identified by the local community in Camborne, a small rural town in Cornwall.
TravellerSpace Wheal Jewel Traveller site  £41,861 This new two year project will provide a range of activities 2-3 times a week for gypsies and travellers aged 19 and over from the Wheal Jewel Traveller site on the edge of St Day in Cornwall. Activities include the opportunity to work towards qualifications in literacy, garment-making, nutrition and crafts. Boxing and zumba will also be available and there will be childcare activities provided by a playbus at a local children’s centre. 
ClayTAWC St Dennis £24,572 To set up and run sessions for older people in St Dennis in which they can learn new skills including basic computer literacy, enjoy a hot meal and have fun.
Plymouth Youth Sailing Plymouth £44,628 To provide young people from the community of Whitleigh (Plymouth) with sailing training and related activities which will enable them to socialise and learn together outside the boundaries and limitations of school.
Bewnans Kernow Madron £39,170 To increase the knowledge of Cornish culture while enhancing community cohesion and giving a voice to local people from the village of Madron.
Cascade Theatre Company Truro £21,648 To run weekly inter-generational drama/music art and dance workshops with children and reminiscence workshops with older people culminating in artistic multi-media performance/event involving the whole community.
Community Action Through
Sport CATS Bude
Bude £21,496 To provide weekly swim sessions, Health & Safety and/or food hygiene, first aid and lifeguard training leading to recognised national qualifications, CV support, signposting for specific youth support, events and activities to promote, reward and recognise young people that have made a positive community contribution.
Miners Court Residents Association Redruth £18,636 To deliver arts and crafts activities to encourage community cohesion, raise esteem and prevent identified problems of isolation and loneliness at Miners Court (Redruth, Cornwall).
Pengegon Area Collective Pengegon £15,000 To run a programme of weekly community activities (including swimming, zumba, and fun days) for residents of Pengegon, Park an Tansys and Gwelmor estates in Camborne to take place at the community playing field and local beach.
Shallal Penzance £27,187 To develop an existing friendship and dance group to become user led and to support community engagement.
The Oasis Centre, Cornwall St Columb £41,588 To deliver weekly sessions for residents of St. Columb (Cornwall) including welfare and benefits surgeries, a memory café and an arts and crafts group.
Sundance Penzance, Pendeen and St Just £7,962 To deliver age appropriate creative dance classes to people over the age of 50 living in the Cornish communities of Penzance, Pendeen and St Just.
Plymouth Sports Academy Plymouth £16,600 To run sports sessions for adults and young people from Devonport and Whitleigh areas of Plymouth with two sessions for each group per week for 32 weeks.
TravellerSpace St Day £23,864 To support pre-school children and young people, aged 15 - 21, living on the Wheal Jewel traveller site near the village of St.Day, Cornwall

Larger good causes partners who can have the greatest and most immediate impact. These initiatives are not supported by NHS funding.

Organisation nameTown/CityAmountPurpose
Scope   £44,051 Support activities for disabled people and families of disabled children, who experience significant barriers to inclusion, independence and participation.
The Conservation Volunteers   £45,262 Offer outdoor physical activity and participation in community-based environmental projects as part of an active group taking part in outdoor tasks.

Set up to address smaller and individual health and wellbeing issues that affect communities within our region, where getting the detail right really matters.

Organisation nameTown/CityAmountPurpose
Street Factory CIC Plymouth £10,000 To provide weekly 90 minutes dance sessions and twelve, five hour dance sessions during the school holidays to families and young people who use Hamoaze House, a drug and substance misuse rehabilitation day centre in Plymouth.
Plymouth Cricket Club Plymouth £5,784 To enable the club to engage with 350 local children aged 8 - 11-years-old and provide them with a pathway into an active and healthy adult lifestyle.
Traeger Flats Tenants Association Traeger £6,785 To deliver a range of healthy eating activities in an elderly persons sheltered housing unit. It will improve the health and wellbeing of up to 100 people by providing healthy nutritional meals from locally sourced produce.
Wheel Fever Projects Plymouth £7,060 To support a weekly two-hour inclusive dance session over 30 weeks that integrates 30 disabled and non-disabled young people in Plymouth, who find traditional dance forms and teaching methods difficult to access.
Shallal Penzance £5,264 To target people with learning disabilities and enable two of the participants with learning disabilities to train and work as support volunteers in the sessions.

Larger good causes partners who can have the greatest and most immediate impact. These initiatives are not supported by NHS funding.

Organisation nameTown/CityAmountPurpose
Alzheimer's Society   £37,504 Provide a full-time dementia support worker who will assess the needs of people affected by dementia and help them maintain their independence and sense of well-being.
The Conservation Volunteers   £27,932 Offer outdoor physical activity and participation in community-based environmental projects as part of an active group taking part in outdoor tasks.
Children's Food Trust   £44,069 Provide cooking clubs as a practical, fun and hands-on approach to helping people learn and understand how to eat and live a health lifestyle.
Sustrans   £43,357 Increase levels of activity in everyday exercises - such as walking and cycling - among young people and those in areas of high health deprivation.
Royal Voluntary Service   £75,000 Allow people to remain independent at home, and active in their community, by providing the individual support they need as and when they need it.
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